The Big Wall

Biggest Wall of Them All

Our outdoor wall is the Guinness Book of World Records "World’s Largest Climbing Wall" and features 164 ft of adrenaline-fueled climbing!

Climb To The Top

The big wall can be lead climbed as a two pitch sport climb, or, you can purchase our “Climb to the Top" package and top rope the wall in one shot. It's an adventure you won't find at ANY other hotel! We feature 3 auto-belay devices on our 35ft walls and have both a top rope and lead option on our 70ft wall.  The big wall also features the only IFSC certified 15m Speed Wall in the United States!

"Our outdoor wall features the ONLY IFSC Certified 15m Speed Wall in the USA!"

A Climbing Experience Like No Other

Not only impressive in size, these walls also offer a variety of angles; from slab, to a gently overhanging and a small roof section (located on the 70ft wall).  The second pitch section of the big wall, (94ft from the ledge) is sure to give you a pump while working your way up this overhanging monster!

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