Group Fitness classes

Free for members, Group Fitness classes are designed for functional strength and technique to increase overall fitness and achieve the climbing goals of members and guests alike! Fitness Classes are included with a Day Pass or Punch Card.

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Climbing Classes

Climbing for the first time? Experienced climber? We've got something for everyone. Come learn & climb with us.

Core Training

Instructor: Brittany Boulet

All Levels - 30 Minutes

One of the most crucial components to training for climbing is developing a strong core. A solid core can help increase your climbing ability, prevent injury, and maintain good posture. This quick but intense class will focus on traditional core exercises with rests in between the sets. 

Beginner Slackline Session

Instructor: Chad Leonard

All Levels - 30 Minutes

This class is to instruct new climbers on finding balance, standing up on the slackline, and working on taking steps. It is also a dedicated session for the slackline community to work on skills together and encourage new members to try the sport!

Top-Rope Clinic

Instructor: MANDY FULLER

All Levels - 30 Minutes

This introductory class instructs participants on how to properly belay with a gri-gri belay device, tie the figure 8 knot, and work on climbing communication skills.

Cardio Bootcamp


All Levels - 30 Minutes

This full body session will get your blood pumping and increase your cardio.  The group will rotate through various stations with exercises such as mountain climbers, high knees, burpees, lunges, wall sits, bicycles, squats, ladder runs, etc. Because this class is structured around time based rotations, this style of workout can be made challenging for any fitness level, is quick paced, and fun!

Climbing Endurance

Instructor: Nathan ferreira

All Levels - 30 Minutes

This class will focus on working through "the pump" and increasing one's climbing endurance. More info coming soon!

Body Maintenance

Instructor: Ajay Faulstich

All Levels - 30 Min

This class focuses on bringing climber's attention to the alignment of the body and muscle imbalances which can effect one's climbing. Through various exercises and stretches, participants will work on strengthening, stabilizing, and building a better maintained body for climbing.

Single Class
Single Class: $10
Hotel Guest
Single Class
Single Class: $5

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