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Rental Pad & Rental Guidebook Program

June 13, 2018

Our guidebook rental program will help get you to the crag and our crash pad rental will help inspire some upward mobility! We offer daily and weekly rates for rentals, and have a large selection of local guidebooks available for rent.  From bouldering, sport, or trad climbing areas in the Northern Sierra down to the lower East Side, we’ve got you covered!


Our crash pads are BaseCamp branded Flashed Ninja sized 50”W x 36” L x 3.5” Thick.



Our rental rates are as follows:


Crash Pad Rental

Daily Rental - $10
3 Day Rental - $28
1 Week Rental - $55


Guidebook Rental

Daily Rental - $2
1 Week Rental - $7

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COVID-19 REOPENING: Policies & Procedures

While we are ecstatic and truly grateful to be able to re-open the gym on Monday, June 1st, we've worked hard to devise a plan to safely re-open, as protecting and serving our community has always been our number one priority here at Basecamp Climbing Gym. Please take the time to carefully read the new policies stated in this blog post, that will be implemented until further notice.

Brian Sweeney
December 12, 2018

Parties & Events Affected by Coronavirus Crisis

We have all been adjusting to working remotely, transitioning to online classes and starting homeschooling. We’re scheduling “visits” with family via Zoom and having “live” wine tastings and dance parties. Unfortunately, some things aren’t as adaptable to an internet platform, like climbing birthday parties.

Leah Wzientek
April 15, 2019
Community Posts

Stay Home Stay Sendy

Social distancing and self-quarantine are what is on everyone’s mind right now.... and yes, that may mean not only avoiding the gyms with their closures, but your favorite destination crags as well. Traveling and using resources outside of your local community can have high consequences during the COVID 19 pandemic. Many climbing destinations have limited medical services and one or two smaller amenity stores. Let's all consider the health and well beings of our climbing communities and the small towns that support our passions year round. Stay home to train, the rocks will be there when we get back!

Leah Wzientek
April 9, 2019

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