Gym Offerings

Rental Pad & Rental Guidebook Program

June 13, 2018

Our guidebook rental program will help get you to the crag and our crash pad rental will help inspire some upward mobility! We offer daily and weekly rates for rentals, and have a large selection of local guidebooks available for rent.  From bouldering, sport, or trad climbing areas in the Northern Sierra down to the lower East Side, we’ve got you covered!


Our crash pads are BaseCamp branded Flashed Ninja sized 50”W x 36” L x 3.5” Thick.



Our rental rates are as follows:


Crash Pad Rental

Daily Rental - $10
3 Day Rental - $28
1 Week Rental - $55


Guidebook Rental

Daily Rental - $2
1 Week Rental - $7

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Gym Offerings

Rental Pad & Rental Guidebook Program

Traveling with climbing gear sucks! So does not knowing where to climb in an unfamiliar area. Thankfully, BaseCamp has a solution! We rent both guidebooks and Crash Pads!

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