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"Things Climbers Say" 3 Part Video Series

June 13, 2018

Things Climbers Say: Routesetters

Part 1 of 3

Things Climbers Say: Gym Climbers

Part 2 of 3

Things Climbers Say: Crusty Elitists

Part 3 of 3

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Parking at the Peak

Summer is here and for Downtown Reno, that means a lot of street closures. But fear not, this post should help you arrive hassel free this summer!

Brian Sweeney
April 9, 2019
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Get Fit With Friends

BaseCamp has a ton of new fitness class offerings, available for members and guests alike! Our class styles range from focusing on improving general physical fitness, to more climbing oriented results. We have something for everyone!

Leah Wzientek
December 12, 2018

Bring The Parents and Climb FREE!

Celebrate the family by getting active together at BaseCamp!

Leah Wzientek
April 15, 2019

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